Fragments of a Princess


Fragments of a princess  is a multidisciplinary project with a gender perspective. It was born from a process of observation and self-reflection about the classic and traditional stories that we are told during childhood. Women and literature are the fundamental basis of our collective creation. A proposal that is found in the crossover and coexistence of different disciplines; theatre, movement, Butoh dance and audiovisuals, in researching how both their form and content complement each other, reinforcing and expanding. Why traditional stories? We are interested in dealing with and questioning the passive role of women, who always await Prince Charming in children's literature, and in reflecting how these references end up embodied in the adult world, articulating feelings and practices about our desires. We believe that it is a product of imagination, a social construction based on apprehensions and power inequalities that limit living in freedom.


This play tells the story of a woman who’s permanently looking for something. She’s waiting for the predictions of fairy tales to be fulfilled: the arrival of her prince. She craves to be saved from reality, which unfolds between desire and frustration. When discovering, that the fantasy that was built during her childhood, will not materialize, delirium and solitude take possession of her history.

Dramaturgical Work:

The narrative of the work is constructed through fragments composed of visual pictures, in which the story travels through different disciplines; movement, Butoh dance, 2D animation, short film, lighting and sound. The proposal deals with the separation of these disciplines at the same time as illustrating the sum of these in order to generate its own language. In this way a visual story is developed on the stage, through the actions and emotional phases of the main character.


The video introduces the virtual space of the main character's life, where everyday elements are seen as well as part of her mental state, which is presented producing a gradual metaphorical contamination between these two worlds. The audiovisual construction is not governed by the established norms, but by a set of paintings that finally transmit what she lives or feels, located in the territory of the dreamlike and the mysterious. Its inner strength and despair will be reflected through the images of actions that are intuited and let the viewer create their own reality, leading them to see their dark areas, their hidden desires, their fears and secrets. The video, which will be screened, will expand the scenic limits of the narrative, referring to the viewer cannot see because this happens off the stage or because it belongs to their inner world.

Scenic Proposal:

Our piece is committed to visual poetics, exchanging words for symbolic, sound and body language. We seek to tune into the perception that one has since childhood, where memory is collected through images and sensations. Meddle and reconnect with the emotional memory of the spectator, so that they can travel in the dreamlike and metaphorical world of the story of the main character, where finally each will draw their own conclusions.

What does the project contribute?

Awareness and an open dialogue to a topic that is present in our society such as the "Woman-Princess" and all the burden that this topic entails. A new vision of the subject, an original proposal of scenic work and the use of different techniques of the use of space.