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Our company was born in Barcelona in 2012 with the desire to bet on a different creation, critical and audacious. Our theatrical line wishes to question stereotyped models in gender relations. We believe that the theater is an excellent platform to expose and critically portray patriarchy and relations of domination. We are in a continuous search to develop our own language and a unique aesthetic. We decided from the beginning to take inspiration from the telenovelas of the 80’s. In this proposal we created two shows: “Boca de Perlas” and “Santa Culpa” with which we have been on billboard in the city of Barcelona and participated in several Festivales such as Fitaelx international, Fitag, Estrena-t, among others.

In 2016 we decided to bet on a visual and symbolic theater:


  • The avant premiere was on April 7, 2017 in the framework of the cycle “ESTRENATE”, organized by CICUS, the University of Sevilla.
  • The official premiere was on December 1, 2017 in the framework of “Cotxeres a Escena”, organized by the City Council of Barcelona.

Daniela Jacques Aviñó

She was born in Bochum, Germany. She studied acting at the University of Chile. She has excelled in theatrical projects with directors such as Andrés Pérez, Mateo Iribarren, Sebastián Layseca, among others. In Cinema she was the director and screenwriter of the short films «Trillizas», «Ilusión»,«Nadia» which are in the International Short Film Festival of Chile (MICC). She participated in the Collective “Popular International Heart»; with various cinematographic projects and in several series such stories as «OHiggins» directed by Ricardo Larraín y «Cárcel de mujeres»; directed by Nicolás Acuña. It has also been developed in other areas of the visual and audiovisual field. Complementing always with parallel studies in these areas, both in Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires and Barcelona.

In 2010 she founded her own theater company Robinson Cecilio as co-director and actress. She premiered the work Perras Urbanas in «Versus Teatre», Barcelona. In 2012, she founded «María La Culpa»; in where she work as a co-director and actress. 2013 the company had their first premiere «Boca de Perlas» Theater-novel inspired by the 80`s. In 2015, «Santa Culpa» was premiered, the second chapter of the same company. 2016/17 she directed “ Princesses”. From 2008 to the present she directs the advertising casting for the outstanding and diverse national and international projects. Working with CAASTING, HER AND PERFILARTE.

Marisol Robertson Cortes

She was born in Viña del Mar, Chile. She studied Drama at DUOC.UC, Chile. She studied Gestual theater, at the International School Estudis del Teatre de Berty Tobias, Barcelona. She has made monographs of Clown with Cristián Atanasiu, Comedia del Arte with Felipe Cabezas, The voice in movement with Hans Richter, Mimo with director Pachi Torreblanca and currently contemporary dance with Gabriela Barbeiro and Butoh with Rossana Barra.

In 2005 she founded the Theater and Cultural Association, La Ira Teatro, with which she has made several plays, mainly of gestural theater and Comedia del Arte, which have been programmed in differents rooms in Barcelona and participated in severals Spanish Festivals such as “La Marató del Espectacle”, Mercat de las Flors, Barcelona, Fitag, Girona, La noche en Blanco, Madrid among others. She has also collaborated in various companies such as Barcelonesas, Muesca, Plaudite, Delta theater and others.

In 2012 she founded “María la Culpa” , a Theater-Novel project with actress Daniela Jacques, working as an actress and Co-Director until today. Parallel to these studies she has been trained as a Pilates instructor.